Pebbles and Stones Hat

Hi everyone! This pattern is for a hat I like to call “Pebbles and Stones,” due to the use of the rice stitch (resembles pebbles) and the baubles at the top (resemble stones). The first hat I made with this pattern was knit with Shepherd’s Wool, Worsted, in Lakeshore. I bought it at one of my favorite yarn stores… and I am in love! It was $13.50 for 250 yards, but let me tell you - it’s worth it! The yarn is soft and squishy, and I am really excited to give it to my 80 year old Aunt Toddie.


  • You can use any kind of worsted weight yarn you want, using approximately 160 yards.
  • US sz 8 circular, 16 inches
  • Stitch marker

Let’s Begin!

  1. Cast on 91 sts, join ends together, making sure not to twist. Add placemarker to remind you where the beginning/end of the row is.
  2. Work in k1 p1 for 1.5 inches

-  -  -

[Rice Stitch, see pattern below]

3. knit one row

4. *k1 p1*

-  -  -

5. Follow rice stitch pattern 1.5 more times.

6. Knit 8 rows

7. Rice stitch 5 times

8. Knit 7 rows

9.Rice stitch 2 times

10. Knit 1 row

-  -  -

11. Bauble Row:

  1. Knit 5
  2. YO + k1 THREE TIMES into the next stitch (your one stitch is now six stitches!)
  3. Turn, slip first stitch purlwise, purl 5 sts
  4. Turn, slip first stitch, knit 5 sts
  5. Turn, P2 together 3 times (your six stitches are now three stitches!)
  6. Turn, slip first stitch, knit next two stitches
  7. Pull the first stitch you slipped from the RIGHT needle over the other stitches. You now have two stitches left.
  8. Slip the last two stitches onto the left needle, then knit 2 together.

Repeat the Bauble Pattern all the way around!

12. *Knit 7, k2tog*

13. *k1, p1*

14. *Knit 6, k2tog*

15. knit

~Repeat rows 14 and 15, decreasing by 1 on every decrease row.

16. Make a yarn pom pom, I used Prudent Baby’s tutorial.

Weave in all ends and enjoy!!!

free knitting pattern hat wool yarn worsted pompom tutorial

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