Knitting 365

So, this was my Time Studio project a few weeks ago. 

I took a picture of the ground where I was standing at noon and midnight every day for 12 days. For each picture, I knitted a square that replicated the color/texture (in an abstract sense) of where I was standing.

Even though the project is over, I am still going to continue doing this for an entire year. I am proud to report I began yesterday, however, I am only taking pictures at noon for the rest of the year.

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OH YEAH! My dad and I were at Safeway yesterday. We walked to the car after shopping, and I said, “Doesn’t it smell like weed?” and you know what? I turned around and there was a garbage bag full of crappy looking marijuana. Seriously. In the middle of the parking lot. What a state, Washignton!

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